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Design Thinking

We’ve certified hundreds of people in the innovation approach of the world’s top design consultancy — IDEO. We start with an engaging, high-energy (and fun!) simulation game developed by IDEO and ExperiencePoint, called ExperienceInnovation. Simulation participants get to experience a real 4-month IDEO project in just 4 hours!

Participants can stop there or continue with us to apply what they’ve learned to real projects of their own, via:

1- or 2-day workshops - to generate new business initiatives & explore new strategic directions

1-week DT sprint - to generate new product/service prototypes, experience the process, and really “get it”

90-day innovation cycle support - to launch new products & services or craft “employee experience”

DT helps you:

learn what people need and want,

design solutions, and

prototype and test out ideas with real people before a high-risk launch.

Our follow-on workshops help you both practice DT and learn and use creativity/innovation techniques from the world’s most innovative companies. Here’s a few of our favourite videos to get you started:


From the first commercially-viable computer mouse through a variety of products and services today, here’s an overview of DT from Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO.

Human-Centered Design, explained by IDEO’s founder, David Kelley.

IDEO CEO Tim Brown shares the history of DT and where it’s going, including a bigger role for designers than just making things “pretty.”

Design Thinking — i2e - The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center


Want to learn more, join in, or have us craft a custom solution for you, combining DT with strategy, corporate events, etc.? We’d love to hear from you!