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Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship

This is the age of start-ups, disruptions, and entrepreneurship!

Many successful start-ups have been founded by students, and they were influenced by institutions of higher learning that have the culture and business ecosystems to help. For example, Google, Netflix, and Yahoo! were founded by Stanford students, Grab was founded by Harvard alumni, Facebook and Microsoft were founded by Harvard students, and Coursera, DropBox, Qualcomm, LinkedIn, and ZipCar came out of MIT. In fact, Stanford raised about USD 28.84 Billion over a 12-year period from 2006 to 2018, producing a total of 1,015 companies in the process.

In addition to our degree-program activities, we offer corporate and open-enrollment services such as:

  • • Short-term (non-degree) programs to jump-start your entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship efforts
  • • Hackathon, open-innovation, and funding-competition events
  • Consulting and business clinics

Whether you’re a student, alumni, startup founder, or part of the business community wanting your executives to learn startup skills, our programs will help you acquire the skills, apply them, and plug into our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, mentors, funders, and more.