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Innovation Through Fusion


Just as nuclear fusion produces massive energy from combining two nuclei, a fusion in business, technology, and the arts can release massive value – creating whole new companies, industries, and human capabilities. Examples of the fusion technique for high-value, radical innovation are presented in a unique collection of stories focused on innovation across industries, fields, organizational silos, nations, social class, and more. The model/framework is useful both as an innovation process and as a framework to assess your lateral innovation capabilities.

The impact of these innovators includes over $1Bn-worth of business, the first digital music deal, high-tech for India's poor (125 million subscribers), one of the 100 most innovative firms in the world (ranked by CIO Magazine), one of the 25 coolest companies in America (ranked by Forbes), the best score in Olympic history (for 10-meter diving), Harvard's most popular course, schooling+ for 450,000 people, and tech that can save millions of lives.

The multimedia series on Fusion that garnered over 600,000 views has now been collected into a book/eBook and two audiobooks. It’s the result of a global research study at S P Jain School of Global Management of 30 world-class innovators and presents insights from their journeys to help leaders, organizations, and individuals succeed in their innovative endeavors. Each chapter includes a short video that provides further insights, mostly from the innovators themselves. Innovation through Fusion is essential reading for:

  • individual innovators who would like to create the future,

  • teams and organizations that need to craft radical or high-value innovations (especially across industries or organizational silos), and

  • leaders concerned about declining returns on innovation efforts, uncertain about organizational survival in a disruptive world.

    For a sneak peek at the videos and stories, visit the SP Jain Fusion page, the author’s Fusion page, or Gnowbe for the free introductory multimedia audiobook:

To learn more, you can get the book/eBook on Amazon, the multimedia audiobook on Gnowbe, or contact us to craft a program for your organization: